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Completing your Continuing Competence Assessment during COVID-19

19th October 2020

Those working on a permitted waste and recycling facility must use the WAMITAB scheme to demonstrate their competence in order to pass the required assessments and gain their qualification.

WAMITAB understands that due to current COVID-19 restrictions, many testing centres will now be working under limited availability after implementing social distancing requirements.

We will always expect candidates to book their test in advance in order to ensure their qualification does not expire however we understand that this may not always be possible.

If you have not passed your Continuing Competence assessment which has become due after 16th March 2020, you have until 1st Jan 2021 to compete your test provided that:

  • The candidate is booking the earliest date offered
  • The operator has notified the local regulatory officer
  • The operator has notified WAMITAB beforehand and they have
    confirmed their acceptance of this

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