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Storing, Transferring and Disposing Hazardous Waste

23rd July 2020

The Environmental Agency (EA) and waste legislation state that all operational waste sites must maintain a good standard of housekeeping which includes the proper management, storage and disposal of waste and the required qualified personnel onsite.

A lot of waste onsite can be seen as highly hazardous or ‘special’ and here we will discuss how to store, transfer and dispose this kind of waste correctly.

Working with our waste and recycling assessors who deliver waste and recycling qualifications throughout the UK, we understand the importance of ensuring hazardous waste is dealt with correctly in order to maintain safety within your waste environment. 

If you are unsure whether your waste is hazardous/special, you should contact the EA, or a specialist waste management contractor.

Storing of Waste
All hazardous waste can be stored on site for up to 12 months with no waste management license needed. If you intend on storing waste on your site for a longer time period, you must hold a waste management license and control permit to legally obtain this waste. When storing waste on your site you must ensure that all staff are correctly trained on wearing the appropriate PPE, how to deal with hazardous spillages and how to dispose of any contaminated materials.

Transferring of Waste
Under the HSE guidelines, if you are carrying or transferring waste, all businesses must register as a waste carrier and fill out the required consignment notes. It is crucial that you keep copies of the consignment notes and any related documents or records of rejected loads for a minimum of 3 years.

Disposing of Waste 
Unless you are authorised to do so, you must not treat your waste ready for disposal; only a registered facility or required personnel are allowed to legally carry this out. For each load of hazardous waste that you move off your premises, you must have a hazardous waste consignment note – you can fill in your waste transfer note, again, through the gov website.

Maintaining a Safe Site
Complying with your legal responsibilities is key to maintaining a safe site that hold hazardous waste, however, in a fast-paced environment that is constantly producing new materials, it is always important to try and reduce the amount of waste you produce and the impact you are having on the environment.

Working with our waste and recycling qualifications team, we are currently delivering a number of waste-specific qualifications in order to qualify more people for the industry. If you would like to find out more out managing your waste site or begin your qualification, then please get in touch with our training team today – 01246 386900.