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Preventing ergonomic injuries in the workplace

29th November 2017

When working long shifts on recycling equipment such as waste conveyor belts where twisting and reaching forms part of the job role being carried out, ergonomic hazards can become a high risk. 

Ergonomic injuries affect your muscles and bones and cause aches and pains in the body. In order to reduce these injuries from happening, there should be a systematic risk assessment put in place before work commences which assess the fit between the individual carrying out the task and the task in question. It is important that the task is suited to the individual as height, weight and movement can all affect strain on the body in different ways. 

Here at Serac, we understand how important it is to ensure health and safety among your workforce- we have devised a set of guidance tips on preventing and reducing ergonomic injuries in the workplace...

1. Lower the height of the conveyor belt if possible to stop the worker overreaching. The correct height of a belt should be just below the worker's elbows 

2. Slow down the speed of the belt to stop the worker rushing to complete the job and doing sharp movements that could cause an injury 

3. Rotate the workers on the belt to the opposite side at numerous points throughout their shift to reduce strain on one side of the body 

4. Reduce the number of items that are picked up in one movement or the weight of these items. This could mean dropping the targets slightly or altering the weight distributed onto the belt 

5. Provide sufficient training to the workforce on how to lift items safely- this could include training such as manual handling 

For further guidance on keeping your workforce safe and reducing the impact of ergonomic injuries, get in touch with us today on 01603 627428