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Offering LATA Qualifications under MPQC

6th September 2019

Following recent additions to the offering under the MPQC accreditation, we can now deliver a range of Laboratory and Technical Activity qualifications from basic Level 2 Operator through to advanced Level 4 Manager courses. 

The addition of the recent release of the MPQC LATA qualifications means we are able to offer an alternative route to gaining the qualification to our customers; one that may be a better fit for their industry or operational environment. 

LATA qualifications are required in a range of industries where there is a need for a sampling and/or analytical roles; these industries range from Extractives and Mineral Processing through to Educational Organisations. 

Being able to offer two accreditation routes to gaining the LATA qualifications means that our courses are tailored specifically, allowing our customers to get the most out of the qualification. 

Each course is broken down into mandatory units which must be completed depending on the operators' chosen level before conducting optional units that are designed to fit a range of industry environments including Waste Management, Educational Organisations, Food Processing and the NHS. 

The LATA qualifications are ideal for operators aiming to improve their knowledge and become competent in an operational environment and progress into a more specific laboratory role. 

The MPQC accredited qualifications are now available to book through our training team or can be found on our Laboratory tab on the website. 

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