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Demonstrating Competence - Completing your WAMITAB VRQ

23rd November 2020

Are you preparing for work in the waste industry or looking for a taught course that will provide you with the relevant knowledge, skills and understanding to work in the waste management/recycling industry and receive an industry recognised WAMITAB qualification?

Gain your Level 4 WAMITAB Waste and resource Management qualification to become a Technically Competent Manager (TCM) through on-site assessments or the Level 4 VRQ. 

On-Site Assessment
The on-site assessment route may be more suitable for those working in a high-risk facility with experience and an underlying knowledge to working within the industry. However, in order to complete this method of learning, there needs to be access to a working site with the required resources to enable the assessment phase to be completed within the working environment. Those new to the industry would not benefit from this type of qualification - this is where our WAMITAB (Level 4 in Waste and Resource Management) VRQ comes into action!

Level 4 Waste and Resource Management VRQ
We have been working closely with our assessors and experts in the field to tailor our WAMITAB VRQ and make it as applicable and relevant as possible to those working within the waste and recycling field. 

This qualification can be tailored to meet the requirements of specific job roles both within the sector or within the organisation But what are the benefits to choosing this ‘taught and tested’ method of learning?

Why chose a VRQ?
We see many sites (particularly high risk facilities) still completing on-site assessments in order to gain the required competence needed to operate safely which works well for those with a background working in the industry but how does this work for those who are new to the industry or those looking for a more systematic or academic approach?

It doesn’t! For those that are new to the industry (novices) with no prior knowledge to demonstrate competence on a waste facility, the VRQ route is ideal for you!

The VRQ is an academic approach which provides a full, in-depth overview on legislation, environmental permitting, and most treatment processes within the sector, and what’s more – it can be completed from the comfort of your own home and provides operatives with an all-round approach to formalising their knowledge without having to complete an onsite observation. 

Start your VRQ journey today. Find out more here.