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WAMITAB Level 4 Qualifications

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Under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) 2007, a permitted facility that receives waste or recycling materials must have competent personnel who hold the relevant statutory qualification in order for the site to operate compliantly.
The WAMITAB scheme provides the Operator Competency Certificates as a way of achieving and proving the required competency. 

Operator Competence Certificate (OCC)
Statutory qualifications are aimed at managers and supervisors. The type of OCC required depends on the type of facility and the types of waste that the facility is permitted to receive.
Facilities are categorised under risk headings for each type of facility- typically these would be the following:

  • Low Risk (4 Unit qualification- 3 Assessor/Candidate Visits)
  • Medium Risk (6 Unit qualification- 4 Assessor/Candidate Visits) 
  • High Risk (12 Unit qualification- 7 Assessor/Candidate Visits) 

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