Waste Management & Recycling

There are primarily two groups of qualifications in the Waste Management & Recycling sector. Our assessment delivery process for both is the same, though the reasons that employers or learners undertake them can vary. Funding may be available for some candidates or qualifications – Click here for more details.


Operator Competence Certificate - WAMITAB (OCC)

Under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) 2007 a permitted facility that receives waste or recycling materials to operate compliantly must have competent personnel. Under the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management CIWM / WAMITAB scheme Operator Competence Certificates are one of the qualifications that a learner may need to achieve. Aimed at Managers or Supervisors the type of OCC required depends on the type of facility and the types of wastes/recycle at that the facility is permitted to receive. Under the scheme facilities are listed under Risk headings for each type of facility - learnersachieve the relevant qualification by demonstrating their competence in each appropriate unit of the Certificate, typically these would be:

An alternative route for those needing to gain competency for the medium risk route is the VRQ.  This is an intensive classroom based course covering topics required by the Operator Competence Scheme.  For more information about the VRQ, click here.

Non Statutory Qualifications

Normally these qualifications are used for non-permitted waste and recycling sites for Operatives, Supervisors or Managers. There is no legal requirement for these qualifications, as under the EPR above, but they are a very good way for employers to train their personnel and for employees to demonstrate their competence in their job role. These qualifications are often the first time a learner has received any form of certification and can provide genuine employee motivation and long term commitment. They are suited particularly to the following:

  • Waste producer employees who need a waste qualification for waste handling.
  • Waste contractors who wish to demonstrate operator competence for Health & Safety or other reasons. For instance, Serac UK has developed, for mobile plant operators, an integrated training and assessment package to enable them to receive an accredited ‘plant ticket’ and relevant qualification.
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