Extractives & Mineral Processing

Serac UK is the leading quality independent Assessment Centre delivering Qualifications in the Extractives & Mineral Processing sector. The qualifications are divided broadly into the 2 types below. 

Management or Supervisor Qualifications - Safety, Health & Environment Award (SHE)

These qualifications are the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) preferred method of proving competence under the Quarry Regulations. The SHE qualification results in a nationally recognised qualification and is offered to Supervisors (Level 4), Managers (Level 6) and Directors (Level 7). The qualification takes between 6 to 10 visits for a learner to complete, depending on their experience and speed of progress through the assessment. A Serac UK assessor will visit each learner in the workplace, usually on a monthly basis, to guide them through the various stages of the qualification. Serac UK’s unique approach means that we lead the process to make it as simple as possible for the learner.

Operative or Supervisor Qualifications - Process or Specialist Roles

Often these qualifications are the first time a learner has received any form of certification, they benefit both employee motivation and competence in their job role. Existing safety and operational procedures in use within the workplace are used as part of the assessment programme, so Serac UK’s assessment process reinforces them. The assessment of Levels 1/2 usually takes 3 visits, Level 3, 6 visits, per learner and is led by a fully trained assessor observing learners in their normal work roles.

Serac UK offers the following QCF qualifications:

Process Operations / Mobile Plant Operations / Weighbridge Operations / Maintenance

  • Mobile Plant Operations Level 2
  • Process Operations Levels 2 & 4
  • Maintenance Operations Levels 2 & 3
  • Maintenance Supervision Level 3
  • Specialised Plant Maintenance Operations Level 3
  • Weighbridge Operations Level 2 & 3

Building Products

  • Precast & Prestressed Concrete Unit Manufacture Level 2

Drilling & Blasting

  • Level 2 - Drilling Operations
  • Level 3 - Shot Firing


  • LATA Level 2
  • LATA Level 3
  • LATA Level 4

Road Building

  • Road Building Construction Level 2

Highways Maintenance

  • Highways Maintenance Construction Level 2

Serac UK has access to various funding streams and therefore funding may be available for some learners or qualifications – click here for more details.

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