Management of In House Assessment Centres or Personnel

Serac UK works closely with larger organisations to help them manage their own "in-company" or "in-house" assessment requirements. Larger organisations have so many assessments taking place throughout the year that they may well have their own in-company assessor or verifiers on their permanent staff.

Serac UK can take on the responsibility for delivering the specialist knowledge, qualification management, the candidates’ registration and claims administration required for such Centres as part of Serac UK's Centre infrastructure. This removes from the organisation the worry of having to ensure that their own assessor(s) and/or verifier(s) are kept up to date and compliant - Serac UK guarantees to do it for them.

We incorporate these in–company personnel into our own Centre systems (via a ‘satellite Centre’) to make sure that they receive continuous professional development, and are up to date on current assessment standards and best practice.

As part of this service we can provide the necessary internal verification service to in-company assessors if this function is required.

We will make available our unique assessment practices and documentation which have been developed and honed with our years of experience - making them simple but effective.

If required employers can access Serac UK’s unique Centre assessment database software, e assessment system and receive training in the latest digital assessment practices.

Let us know your requirements and we will be pleased to discuss them with you and provide you with a competitive and professional proposal.

Please call us on 0844 800 8828 or e-mail us at



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