Assessors & Verifiers

Serac UK is approved to train and develop assessors or verifiers so that they can achieve the appropriate qualification. This support begins with training courses to introduce new starts to best practice in assessment or verification techniques and requirements.

We then use a ‘buddy’ system to further guide and support the trainee assessor or verifier until they achieve their award.

We provide a choice of assessment methods (E assessment or paper based) for the candidates to choose from to help them complete their award quickly and simply.

Through our many years of providing assessment and verification services we have a wealth of experience to help develop new assessors or verifiers.

Our candidates can be in-company assessors or those wishing to start a career of their own in this field.

Once an award has been gained, the newly trained individuals can be integrated into Serac UK’s on ongoing support programme that keeps them up-to-date with changing assessment and verification practices.

Where required, for in-company assessors or verifiers, we can provide a ‘satellite Centre’ service taking care of all the usual Centre registration and claims administration - which can be more efficient for the employer. - Click here for further information.



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